Informs, raises awareness, educates... picture after picture


« Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world »

Nelson Mandela

Since 2006, R4C conducts information and awareness campaigns via African radios and television, the Web and social networks on the harmful effects caused, both individually and collectively, by cultural and religious beliefs which are the origin of FGM/C.

Like the many micro-initiatives that blossom throughout Africa, R4C has a strong presence on social Medias to reach out to a broader audience. All our educational material is released under “copy left” licensing.

Through its website, its online video library, and its Facebook and Twitter pages, R4C is also a relay channel for official information concerning the issue of FGM, its evolution in targeted territories and for all topics related to the process of empowerment of women.

Driven by the desire to increase its reach, R4C works with local, national and international partners.