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« Every human group finds its richness through communication, mutual support and solidarity, aiming for a common goal: the full development of each person within respect for the differences of others.»

Françoise Dolto

R4C’s action in education and mass awareness campaigns bears tangible results and offers support to NGOs committed for the abandonment of FGM/C and the practice of early marriages.

In recent decades, the actors engaged in putting an end to FGM/C practices were and are still directly influenced by the evolution of the collective awareness and social dynamics that leads to their abandonment.

Nowadays, support for FGM/C is declining even in countries where they are most practiced like Egypt and Sudan.

In almost all African countries , the percentage of girls and women advocating for FGM/C lowers steadily.

Data show that FGM/C decreases in more than half of the 29 African countries concerned. Despite some exceptions, their decline is particularly marked in some countries where their prevalence is low. In that sense, the path undertaken is clearly delineated.



Yet nowadays millions of girls are still victims of genital mutilations. Despite the successive attempts to eliminate traditional practices related to FGM/C, they still exist in countries of origin and regions that have hosted recent immigration.

To promote the abandonment of FGM/C, it is essential to quickly produce and share reliable information that can be compared with other sources.

In response to such alarming evidence, the media coverage of FGM/C must be both deepened and intensified for the indifference, disinformation and beliefs still prevailing in many countries remain the major challenge in the fight against these practices.


A statistical overview and exploration of the dynamics of change

(Unicef Report – 2013 – English version – pdf)

Complementary to other regional actors and in partnership with them, R4C contributes to a new reality, the one of a non-mutilated youth that is spreading across cities, towns and communities in Africa and around the world.

Join us and make your contribution to bring about Change for the Respect of millions of women!